Ryde is a high energy cycling class with motivating instructors and state-of-the-art equipment allowing you to experience the most dynamic indoor cycling classes around. Real Ryder bikes are the only stationary bikes in the world that allow riders to move in three planes of motion throughout the workout. As a result the workouts are more dynamic, intense, and incorporate more muscle groups during use than traditional indoor cycling bikes. Classes are set to unique music mixes compiled to energize and sustain rides for the duration of the class. Each instructor has a different playlist with different rides so each class will be different. Playlists will last one month so that everyone will get comfortable with the rides and the music. If you are looking for slower pace Ryde classes you want to register for Silver Ryde! We are excited to be able to bring you these classes taught by Gloria Brister and Beverly Fioranelli. 

Your first Ryde is always FREE! Teachers and students will receive a 10% discount on packages bought in the studio. Ryde classes will be posted by the week on Sunday afternoons at 5PM. At that time you may go online and register for your classes. Stay tuned for more info and new instructors! 

First Ryde- FREE!

Drop in- $15

Promo- FIRST 2 months unlimited- $125 (first time package only)

5 Rydes- $70 (1 month)

10 Rydes- $130 (3 months)

15 Rydes- $180 (6 months)

We also offer several different Ryde combo classes.