Reformer Pilates

Classes Daily, Monday - Sunday: Check Schedule

Fifty minute classes are focused on increasing overall strength and muscle tone by strengthening the body's core. Compliments all sports training as the efficient patterns of movement make the body less prone to injury, build stamina, restore posture alignment, and build long lean muscles without bulk. Flexibility and range of motion increase as the stomach and waist are trimmed and flattened, back pain and joint stress are relieved, and the efficiency of the respiratory, lymphatic, and circulatory systems is improved. Please review our Pilates Policies before registering for a class.


Stay tuned for special Yoga classes with Clare Moore, owner of Sunnywild Yoga. Clare offers Yoga classes just around the corner from Balance at her home, 106 South Pearman Avenue. You can register for classes on Mindbody. You can also reach her at #662-719-5911. She also has a Sunnywild Yoga Facebook and Instagram page. 

Group classes

Monday- Friday, Times may vary- See schedule for more information

HIIT classes involve repeated bouts of high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times. HIIT training can easily be modified for people of all fitness levels. HIIT workouts tend to burn more calories then traditional workouts, especially after the workout. This is because of the period of time called "EPOC" or excess post exercise oxygen consumption. 

Bounce or Tabata Bounce classes use a mini jump sport trampolines to get the heart pumping for a great workout! 

We also offer Barre and Zumba classes at various times throughout the week. 



Tabata Tuesday

Tuesday: 5:15-6A.M. 8:30-9:15A.M. 

A high intensity interval training (HIIT) class consisting of 20 seconds of hard work and 10 seconds of rest repeated for 8 rounds. It will be a total body workout that will help you shed fat and build lean muscle. 

Pilates Classes

  • single class - $20

  • 5 class pass - $85 (expires after 30 days)

  • 10 class pass - $160 (expires after 60 days)

  • 20 class pass - $300 (expires after 90 days)

  • Monthly Unlimited- $260 (30 days)

  • Private Pilates session - $50 (50 min)

  • Mini- session- $25 (30 min)

** Extensions on classes not used within your package can be purchased for $20 for every 10 days needed. ** 

* Teachers & students receive a 10% discount on packages when purchased in the studio. 

Monthly Group class pass options       


       Group Drop in price- $6

       Group Monthly Unlimited- $75   (expires 30 days from date of purchase)  

You can also place any amount of money on your account and $6 can be deducted per class.                                     

**Cancellation policy:

ALL AM classes MUST be canceled 10 hours prior or a class will be deducted from your package. ALL PM classes MUST be canceled 6 hours prior or a class will be deducted from your package. If you are scheduled for the class but unpaid you will still be charged the full amount for the class.    

Your first no show will result in the class being deducted from your package. The second no show will be a $10 charge, followed by a $20 charge each no show after that (during at 30 day period). Late cancellations are treated with the same procedure.                                                 








10% teacher and student discount on purchases made in the studio